Vision reads handwriting

Teachers and students get instant feedback for all handwritten texts


Handwritten texts get feedback in a click

Vision opens instant feedback and guidance to all students with access to a mobile phone. Access to guidance is a click away.

Vision  instantly transposes handwriting to digital text, keeping the writing improvement journey alive.

Scribo helps me as a teacher to pinpoint their grammatical mistakes easily, and with the help of Scribo AI, I am able to quickly find out where to improve their content as well!

Eugene L - Singapore MOE teacher


Re-integrate handwriting into your pedagogy with a picture 

  • Get students on task with their real pen
  • Integrate scaffolds, on device, to assist planning
  • Students or teachers take a picture of the text
  • Feedback and rubric grading (if requested) is instant 

Students have feedback in seconds, teachers have new insights and reduced work. Writing improves, and everyone wins.


Manage handwritten texts in class time

Vision is part of Scribo

To use Vision as a Scribo teacher or student, login to Scribo at :

using your Literatu teacher or student account, and you are set to go.

Download the brochure for Vision