Vision saves teachers  hours of marking and feedback time.

Students get instant grading and feedback for all handwritten texts.

Just as students invest time in handwriting, teachers always invest more. Giving feedback and making corrections for a class of students is where teachers spend a lot of time. One teacher to 35 students assumes there is only one class! What about secondary teachers?

saves teacher feedback and grading time by building instant feedback on each handwritten text, grading against the prefered rubric, keeping students moving and engaged while keeping teachers in control and informed.


Take a picture of each student's handwriting on a phone or tablet. It is that easy!

Create a writing activity in Scribo to set up the writing activity and to  guide writing.

In each activity, students can access the topic and writing scaffold to support them as they handwrite their response.  

With a phone, tablet or laptop beside them, students have support. When they are ready for feedback they take a picture of their text.

Vision lets teachers and students take a picture of any handwriting to get instant personal feedback, corrections and rubric-based scores.

 instantly reduces teacher correction and feedback time.  Students get awesome feedback in seconds, teachers add extra feedback when they feel it is needed. Everyone wins, writing improves.

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Easily manage handwritten texts in way less time.

Vision is powered by Scribo, the world's best writing improvement and feedback platform. All of your Scribo classes and students are ready to work with Vision. 

  1. Teachers quickly create writing topics and scaffolds to help students stay focused and on topic. Scaffolds are optional if you are doing a summative test.

  2. Students work with the scaffold and take a picture of their completed handwritten text. Teachers can also quickly take pictures of all texts for the class.

  3. Vision scores the text against the teacher's preferred rubric, creating personal feedback for students on where to improve and get more marks.

  4. Sentence by sentence, all corrections needed and recommended are shown to the student on their chosen device.

  5. Students and parents receive a full writing report. Gradebooks are updated, data is ready for analysis, records are kept.

To use Vision as a Scribo teacher or student, login to Scribo at :  

Using your Literatu teacher or student account and you are set to go.

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