Change gears in lesson delivery
to re-engage students 

Micro-lessons for

macro impact

Presto is an AI-powered, teacher-led micro-lesson capability.  

Build lessons that engage students on any topic, in any language in minutes.

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The simple card interface is genius. All lessons work on phones, tablets and laptops and are beautiful to use. The card paradigm keeps you focused on keeping things simple. My students love interacting with Presto.

Ms Vallis - Science and Tech teacher - Mid school.

The whole purpose of AI is to get an Additional Instructor working for you full time

Presto has seven pre-set AI pathways you can activate to auto-create engaging lesson content. Combined with your imagination and the power of GPT, you can create any micro-lesson, quickly.

There are over 24 different AI content and assessment modalities you can add to your lesson. Drag and drop them onto cards, sequence the cards the way you like and assign to anywhere.

Presto is your Additional Instructor handling content creation, presentation, assessment, engagement and reporting.


Presto integrates with everything you use now

Integration is key to success. Launching a Presto lesson is quick and easy. 

When your Presto lesson is ready, one click sends it to your LMS, a web link, an embed code, Facebook, Twitter (X), Google Classroom, Teams or WhatsApp.

You can even launch your Presto lesson from the unique QR code. Try it out!

Build and share libraries of lessons with colleagues. By sharing Presto lessons, we have built fabulous resources across many topics.

 Ms Houseman - Science Teacher - High school

Build and sustain momentum with Presto Learning

Presto structures a series of content templates via a beautiful card based delivery. Create lessons and courses with a range of modalities to support content and assessment for any subject. 

Teachers no longer spend time on presentation. Presto takes care of the entire lesson presentation and delivery.

Presto integrates GenAI into lesson curation with the ability to create and deliver all types of content in seconds.

Presto standardises assessment and content delivery in a repeatable and reliable process. While content remains king, delivery and engagement is guaranteed via Presto.

Speaking, Listening and Reading with Presto

Presto AI supports the four pillars of English.

Comprehension and audible reading lessons are supported.

Speaking practice is supported in two modalities. Scripted and unscripted speaking are both automatically graded using the CEFR framework.

Students receive a complete breakdown of where they can focus more attention on their pronunciation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary.


Start writing in Presto

Writing is a skill that starts out in small steps. Words become sentences and sentences form paragraphs. 

Early learners of English writing need a lot of small practice steps and opportunities before they graduate to essay writing.  Presto writing opens a safe learning environment that offers feedback and guidance.

Presto opens up all levels of writing with integrated feedback to get students writing in any context that you design.