Create and share micro-lessons in seconds ... we say Presto!

We call it Presto Learning because good things happen faster and better than ever before.

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The best lessons for learners are made by teachers

With so much learning content available, teachers still search for support materials to add that KerPOW  impact to learning. 

It takes hours to find the right lesson content and even more time to create it – until now. 

Presto is made for teachers to create engaging micro-lesson learning activities in seconds. You can always spend a minute more if you want!

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Presto Learning changes the whole 'simplify and engage' storyline!

Use time for good

Over 80% of teachers lack the time they need to innovate their lesson delivery.  Presto saves hours and hours of time.

Engagement is key

Over 90% of teachers see student engagement as being a big part of lesson and learning success.  Presto drives engagement.

Keep momentum 

The same 80% of teachers say doing something exciting is too hard to sustain. Presto creates excitement every day.